Friday, August 5, 2011

Interested in eBooks? Check out Project Gutenberg

The popularity of eBooks continues to grow, and there are more choices in eBook readers and ways to access eBook content than ever before. With the rise of smart phones and tablets, eBook enthusiasts are gravitating toward products that provide good readability along with features such as Wi-Fi and apps.

One website that offers free eBook content is Project Gutenberg:

Due to the expiration of copyright on many of the books on the site, the books are able to be freely reproduced and downloaded. Project Gutenberg offers content in a variety of file formats, and eBooks are available for devices such as the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, and others.

In addition to device specific setup, Project Gutenberg offers a mobile site:

This simplified site is a user friendly way to browse and search for eBook content on a mobile device.

There are also eBooks available in the Millsaps-Wilson Library through the Millsaps Library Catalog. If you have any questions about the eBooks available through the Millsaps-Wilson Library, ask a Librarian or e-mail us at

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